A coffee cup can fit into so many moments of your day. It picks you up, it gives you an excuse to go out and sit at a Café.

We use it like a tool. "Come, let's grab a cup." We say these things and yet, it's never about the coffee. It's about the other person.

Yet, for some reason, a cup of espresso is now symbolic to the rush of work and day-to-day life. We have lost the ritual of sitting around and talking. Going for coffee should be about enoying someone's company, sharing ideas, catching up.

But we rush against the clock.

I think this is why clocks give me a bit of anxiety.

Odly enough this strange relationship between time, anxiety and cups of espresso gave me the idea to photograph a different kind of clock. First it was just for fun. Then it was a personal collection. Later it grew and not the Coffee o'Clock actually tells the time, by the hour.

The next step, is to refurbish an old laptop screen and have the clock on display in my living room.